Foods I ate and loved – Cacio e pepe edition

I just saw something on my Instagram feed that triggered a brand of fury that makes Larry David look like a reasonable, well-coiffed, beacon of tolerance. A reputable food brand (name protected for fear of further ridicule) had the audacity to call a pesto pasta cacio e pepe. I know. I nearly smashed my own iPhone screen out … Continue reading Foods I ate and loved – Cacio e pepe edition

Foods I ate and loved – cannolis

Good morning, good lookins! I'm back from a lovely, sunny weekend in London, and I'm happy to report that, despite my best efforts, there are still adequate food supplies for the locals. It wasn't for lack of trying, though. If there was a food that delighted my orifices in some way, I was like, "Get … Continue reading Foods I ate and loved – cannolis

Foods I ate and loved – langos edition

Happy Tuesday you stunner you! I'm just back from a lovely long weekend in Budapest, Hungary, which we all know is famous for paprika, inspiring a catchy When Harry Met Sally one liner, and for kicking England's ass at water polo in the 2012 Olympics. I mean, honestly, did they have to humiliate the home team … Continue reading Foods I ate and loved – langos edition

All of the Asian foods

Alright, judge if you must, but when it's hump day my mind goes toward one thing - Asian food. I know it's a catch-all term, but I am a huge fan of anything of the Asian persuasion. As in, my tastebuds are begging to, like, bone some Asian food to get over the midweek slump. Does that … Continue reading All of the Asian foods

London Street Eats Part Deux

I know I've said it once before, but the street food in London has gotten SO GOOD. I mean, ridiculous. I lived in London from mid-2012 until early 2014, and I can say with full confidence that the food market scene was nothing compared to how it's evolved. Back then, it was this fresh faced … Continue reading London Street Eats Part Deux

Fancy salads + garlic chicken

Good morning y'all! We have so much to discuss, can we tawk? I'm sure you're either deliriously jazzed or nursing some mid-grade level nausea about tomorrow's inauguration, but you've had enough adulting for today. Step away from that article about Earth being named People magazine's "Sexiest planet alive" or whatever and let's talk food and fitness, aka my … Continue reading Fancy salads + garlic chicken

Fatty salads

Good afternoon good lookins! As you may have guessed, I adore my food. I occasionally pretend to envy people who have a kind of "take it or leave it, but mostly take it because I need it to survive"-style attitude towards food, but I don't. I get so much joy out of eating that I actually … Continue reading Fatty salads