Chapter 1

Hey y'all! I'm so proud to announce that I've just hit publish on my third novel! Woohoo! Pretty cool that, as of March 15, 2016 I had no books published, and now my third one is out and proud! Rooted, book 3 in the Raindropt series, is my best yet. I love all my books … Continue reading Chapter 1


Happy New Year, good lookins! Can you believe how much we're ageing together? Like a couple of soft cheeses left in the refrigerator door, y'all. The smell is divine. I don't know about you, but the end of 2016 was a load of #womp. I was trudging towards the end, one part emotionally bruised and battered … Continue reading 2017

My shrug

Hey there, good lookin! Generally, I find Monday to be the toughest nut to swallow. At the risk of plagiarizing one of the most deeply philosophical voices of our generation, Monday is the goddamn worst. It's the Brazil nut amongst peanuts - takes far too long to consume, lacks flavor and makes my throat itch a little from a … Continue reading My shrug

On making minimum wage

Happy Leap Day y'all! It's raining its silly Irish arse off in Dublin today, and consequently I'm being held hostage in my home. I've decided to graciously take a break from binging on "Fuller House" to share yet another essay with you from 2008. This one is titled, "On working for minimum wage." Enjoy: For … Continue reading On making minimum wage