She could be a farmer in those clothes

Happy pre-Friday good lookins. How are you celebrating? I woke up and said "Treat yoself, Deens!" and promptly traded my morning gym for a yoga sesh. I then indulged in a mint chocolate bar before breakfast. No regrets y'all; that's how I pre-Friday. I think it's easy to justify this sort of behavior, because February is the … Continue reading She could be a farmer in those clothes


Happy pre-Friday y'all! How very astute of you to recognise that my title is a complete rip-off from season two of "My dad wrote a porno!" Imitation is the sincerest form of plagiarism, isn't it? If you didn't get my reference, definitely get on and listen to that podcast. It's pure adulterated joy 😉 Anyways, I recently … Continue reading Amsterdammm

New Orleans

Can we take a moment to take about the Vegas of the south? This swampy haven of vibrant colors, mind blowing eats, brain bending brass (say that 10 times fast) and haunting originality is one of my favorite cities in the whole damn world. It's so nice I've visited twice in the past two years, … Continue reading New Orleans

Vienna in 3 days

Happy Monday y'all! I've chosen this moment to rise from my RuPaul's Drag Race marathon-induced coma (all the better to avoid face planting into the misery of the world, my dear) and regale you all with tales of my travels. I'm now in year 5 of living abroad, and each year that passes makes it … Continue reading Vienna in 3 days

PSA time

Please stay tuned for this important public service announcement from Hey good lookins! I've been putting some thought into what kind of content I want to share on this site, because I realize I've been all over the damn map these days. Whether it's on this site or my other blog, I've been vascillating between "day in … Continue reading PSA time