She could be a farmer in those clothes

Happy pre-Friday good lookins. How are you celebrating? I woke up and said “Treat yoself, Deens!” and promptly traded my morning gym for a yoga sesh. I then indulged in a mint chocolate bar before breakfast. No regrets y’all; that’s how I pre-Friday.

I think it’s easy to justify this sort of behavior, because February is the dreariest month in Ireland. We survived torrential downpours for all of yesterday, and when the rain finally subsided we were treated to a series of howling winds. Said winds started at about 4 am – I know because they interrupted my Hamilton-infused dreams – and they’re still going as we speak. It has me dreaming of much simpler times, like the time I stayed on a farm last Autumn.

our yurt

It’s a little known fact that I am a tried and true city mouse, but I dream of running through fields of wildflowers. I even wrote it in my author bio on Amazon, see?

Like most urbanites I sometimes find myself cursing the car-less lifestyle (see “torrential downpours” above) and lack of places to comfortably cartwheel without slamming into, I don’t know, a 30-something jackass riding a razor scooter to work. At times, the rural life calls with its promises of unobstructed fields, and I have to answer. My in-laws gifted us with a stay on a site called “Canopy in the stars,” so we redeemed it last October for an eco-friendly yurt on a farm in the country.


We took the bus about an hour north of Dublin to County Meath and stayed on this organic farm. We were only there for two full days, but I learned a ton in that time.

First of all, I had no idea pigs could be ginger. Color me surprised when we were greeted by a crowd of rotund redheads all squishing about in the mud, rooting around for food and humping one another when they thought we weren’t watching. We were, but we didn’t judge. You have to create your own entertainment in the country.

cowAlso, I learned that cows are very  accepting. Who knew? I met this lady to the right when my husband and I set off on a casual walk along the river. I power walked by in my leather jacket, my heart hammering as I gave a tight lipped smile, nodding in her direction to thank her for her part in making chocolate milk possible. Even though she noted my attire, she didn’t attack or send a warning “moo” to the bull who was cordoned off but likely would have had her back. What an open-minded lass.

husband on teeny tiny bridge

I also learned that farm walks exceed even the most ambitious city walks in both duration and potential danger. We followed the directions given to us by the farm hand and took what we thought would be a leisurely stroll by the river, but it was anything but. When all was said and done we completed a casual 3.5 hour-hike that single-handedly emasculated all of my previous 30k step city jaunts. And I’ve done a LOT of those.

We had to cross a teeny tiny “bridge,” duck under barbed wire and take a few palmfuls of sand spurs en route, all the while keeping our eyes peeled for potential hunter’s arrows, or whatever, because we kept seeing signs that it was apparently a hunting zone.

These country folk aren’t messing around, y’all.

trees along the hike

The views were pretty outstanding, though, especially with the decaying leaves. I mean, how gorgeous is that?

And, lastly, I learned that indoor plumbing is the most underrated invention of all time. How often do we spend singing the praises of the simple shower or the humble toilet? We take them for granted on the daily, but after two days of compost toilets and showers that were a solid ten minute walk from our yurt, I have newfound appreciation for indoor plumbing. It was a lovely weekend, but I’m definitely still a city mouse.

city mouse

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